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Studio Services

What We Provide

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Over 30 years experience in award winning & Emmy Nominated prosthetics. Almost any project we take on has generated positive reviews and alcaldes from all media. From Movies to TV,  we have covered and done  Old Age, Weight loss, Weight gain , Fantasy, to horrific casualty prosthetics. 

Special Makeup Effects/Bodies & Simulated Victims

We’ve been providing simulated victims & bodies & special makeup effects for over 30 years. Starting from "The Last Of The Mohicans" to  Letters From Iwo Jima , to the  Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Aftermath"  

Design Concept & Development 

Design is the most important first step to any character just like a script for a movie is. We pride ourselves in having a strong visual eye that Vincent personally art directs. From an award winning team of artists that span both the USA & Europe. 

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