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             "Without your brilliance, dedication, passion and collaboration with Patricia Riggen. Dream team is an 

                 understatement. It was an honor to work on this with you ."

   Adina Birnbaum Executive Producer for Darren Aronofsky's sister company Chromista. 

“The prosthetics are amazing, they are seamless, and most people don’t even register the transition. It’s weird, but they’re so strong and believable that the hard work disappears. You don’t want to call attention to them but you want people to recognize the craftsmanship behind the performance.” 

Eric Watson, Producer [Requiem for a Dream & The Fountain]


“If the movie half as good as Ben’s wings look… We’ll be in good shape.” Kevin Smith, Director [Dogma]

“Saw Ben in his wings today brilliant stuff. The articulation is amazing-something to just flat out behold.” “Yesterday, we shot the Golgothan, and it looked tremendous, Vince Guastini and his team did a tremendous job.” 

Kevin Smith, Director [Dogma]

“We've seen two days worth of dailies, which look really good, and play very funny. The practical special effects by Vince Guastini and his amazing crew of way-too-talented sculptors are top notch.”

Kevin Smith, Director [ Clerks, Dogma & Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back]


"The first act of Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is so defiantly stupid that I imagine most who rent it or struggle through it in a theater won’t care that there’s actually some material in the final act that clicks, mostly due to some incredibly strong makeup work."  

RogerEbert Brain Tallerico


Vincent Guastini's makeup effects are the star here, a refreshing change from the inky CGI morphing of too much modern horror. Village Voice Rob Staeger  Cabin Fever Patient Zero

"Imagine the infamous “head-in-a-vice” scene from CASINO, of the ear-cutting part of RESERVOIR DOGS stretched out to about ninety minutes, and you have an idea of what kind of movie SUSHI GIRL is.  If that description turns you off- than this isn't for you. However, if you have a taste for the extreme, From there, we're given a chance to acquaint ourselves with the memorable ensemble before poor Fish finds himself strapped to a chair, and subjected to torture that's about as brutal as anything I've seen since THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.": 

Arrow In The Head, On the effects make-up on {'Sushi Girl'}


"the torture sequence in Sushi Girl makes “the ear scene” in Reservoir Dogs look like kids’ stuff."

Review: By LORRAINE CARPENTER and MALCOLM FRASER (CULT Montreal ){'Sushi Girl'}


"has enough bloodshed in the film to make even Tarantino blush. (Trust me; if you thought the ear-slicing part in Reservoir Dogs was bad, just wait until you see what actor Andy Mackenzie does with a sock and an empty bottle in Sushi Girl"

 Review: Serena Whitney Dread Central , On the effects make-up on {'Sushi Girl'}

"Stunning monster effects from makeup artist Vincent Guastini."

Steven C. Miller Director On the creature effects make-up on {'Under The Bed'}

"The filmmakers utilized the best part of 80′s filmmaking which is the practical special effects and in Under the Bed we get some incredible creature effects. It’s really perplexing why more horror filmmakers don’t make the decision to use practical effects. When used properly, as in Under the Bed, it’s hard to find a better reason to love horror movies."

Matt Hogdson Fantasia Screening,  On the creature effects make-up on {'Under The Bed'}


"working with Vincent Guastini was a real treat. I was able to take hold of the blood filled fire extinguisher for one scene and unleash it onto a room full of people. The crew hadn’t seen me smile so big. I have one piece of advice for you before you watch this movie: bring your umbrella."

Director Karre Andrews  Fangoria Magazine interview make-up effects. {Cabin Fever Patient Zero}

Vincent Guastini, the makeup effects artist whose incredible work at least gives us something to look at, amidst all the boredom. More than anything, Patient Zero is a showcase of Guastini’s practical effects wizardry, and he’s without question the star of the show here. From my vantage point, I didn’t notice a single ounce of computer-generated imagery, which is an impressive sight to behold in any horror movie made in this day and age. In a time where CGI has all but replaced practical effects, Guastini is one of the few who’s still practicing the sadly dying art form, and goddamn is he good at making people look absolutely fucking disgusting.

Review From I on the make-up effects. {Cabin Fever Patient Zero


" Vincent!! Great working with V.G.P Effects and Design. Every filmmaker out there should hire Vincent Guastini, They are the real deal and they kill themselves for the movies." 

 Director Todd Lincoln Quote on working with Vincent on { V/H/S/ Viral}

 "I’ve been a longtime fan of Vincent’s work. He and I have come close to working together several times. He and his crew at V.G.P. Effects & Design Studio submitted concept art for past studio films I developed such as The Fly and Hack/Slash. I knew that Vincent and his team would bring 110 percent. They kill themselves for the movies. on Gorgeous Vortex, At first I didn’t know exactly how I wanted the creature to look, but I had a pretty good sense of it. I loaded Vincent up with brainstorm notes and visual references for the creature. The V.G.P guys went above and beyond on the design and operated it beautifully. It was so thrilling to see it come to life and achieve it entirely with practical effects.  It definitely makes me want to do more creature stuff."

Director Todd Lincoln Interview in on working with Vincent on { V/H/S/ Viral}


“The CGI gods have to be frowning on Vincent Guastini's awesome makeup. In what could've been a truly cheesy display, when those body parts start to decompose, even the most hardened cynics of the genre will do a double take. "Cabin Fever: Patient Zero" features a ton of unbelievable moments to make you shake your head, but there's a zombie catfight between the two female leads that will make it at least worth the price of an Itunes rental. Not a lot of films can say that.” review {Cabin Fever Patient Zero}

“Many of the scenes, the massacre among them, are not for the squeamish; tomahawks and hunting knives leave especially gruesome wounds. Scalping is also graphically depicted, as is a particularly nasty form of heart surgery."

-Rita Kempley, [Review: The Washington Post, On the effects make-up on {'The Last Of The Mohicans'}

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